Junior Champion Program

The Steve WenPetren Golf Academy Junior Champion Program is an advanced, comprehensive coaching program for young golfers who are playing competitive golf and want to compete at the collegiate level and beyond

To be eligible for the program, a participant must be playing or plan on playing competitive golf on a regular basis and be between the ages of 10 and 18. Steve happily accept both boys and girls in the program. Steve has produced tournament winners on the local and state levels. Many students have gone on to receive college scholarships.

This program includes private lessons and runs from March through October. This is your unique opportunity to train the way the pros train at the Steve WenPetren Golf Academy at Woody's Range, the “Choice of Champions since 1980.“

Our Junior Champions Program Includes:

Weekly 30-minute Individual Private Lesson
The program includes a 30-minute lesson each week with Steve for a total of two hours each calendar month. Lessons can be combined i.e. a one-hour lesson every other week, but we recommend shorter, more frequent sessions to maximize improvement.

Weekly One-hour Supervised Practice Session
Each week Steve will host a supervised practice session where he will work with each player to make sure they are working on their assigned drills and using the best possible practice techniques to speed improvement.

Monthly on-course Management Lesson*
Each month participants will go on the golf course with Steve for an 18 hole, on-course strategy lesson. *Student responsible for their own green fees.

Tournament Observation
Steve recognizes the immense value of being able to watch juniors play under tournament conditions. Much can be learned about their game that cannot be seen on the lesson tee. Steve will attend a selected local event to watch each Junior Champion participant to better identify competitive strengths and weaknesses.

ShotByShot Statistical Analysis
ShotByShot is a total game analysis program that accurately evaluates your golf game and does so in a unique way. The pros refer to their stats all of the time to evaluate how their games stack up compared to other players at their level. ShotByShot’s online program measures the strengths and weakness of your game and then compares them to your target handicap. This insightful analysis is very helpful in directing our focus and your practice time. ShotByShot is the Performance Analysis Partner to Golf Digest.

Two Comprehensive Short Game Evaluations
This short game test is given to both analyze each player’s short game condition and to help motivate them towards improvement. Through many years of research we know how players at every level should score on this test in order to perform well in tournaments. This test also helps Steve prioritize each participant’s short game practice.

A TOMI Putt Lab Comprehensive Putting Evaluation
TOMI Pro allows Steve to graphically capture and analyze golfers’ putting strokes in real-time. Using a camera, a clip-on sensor, and proprietary software, TOMI uses basic mechanics to measure alignment, rotation, path, loft, impact spot, and tempo. This helps Steve identify any faults in both amateur and pro putting strokes. TOMI’s visual data collection tells Steve instantly what his students are doing. This revolutionary system allows for more effective putting instruction.

A Club fitting Session Using the PING nFlight fitting system
Participants will receive an equipment evaluation and club fitting session including loft and lie checks, club fitting specifications, set make-up review and condition check of all clubs and a comprehensive evaluation using the Game Changer Launch monitor.

8 Month Program - $4000 Value - Program cost is $2,999.00

3 Month Program - $1900 Value - Program cost is $1,599.00

Due to the time devoted to each golfer, Steve only takes on 9 Junior Champions per year. Please reserve your spot in the 2012 Junior Champions Program now! Call Steve at (443)622-6457 today.